History of Knitting brief

Knitting is the art of knotting, that is making loops and knots in a length of yarn or thread into a piece of fabric using needles. Current research places the origins of hand knitting in the middle east, the techniques probably made their way to Europe via the Mediterranean.
Knitting was used mostly to create necessary garments to protect aginst the elements in most european cultures. Different yarn and wool producing areas developed their own styles of knitting and garment making, for example, the Shetland Islands with the Shetland Shawl of the 17th Century - a finely knitted lace shawl with neither a cast on or cast off edge. The cable knit thought to originate in Ireland and the Aran knitted sweaters containing specific designs thought to originate from the 9th Century.

History of NBA Jerseys

With the emergence of the new version NBA Revolution 30, another style of jersey is recorded in the NBA history. The new jerseys are the lightest and most technologically advanced NBA uniform ever, I think now is as good a time as any to take a look back at the history of NBA uniforms.
From the birth of the NBA league in the 1970s, NBA uniforms were made of polyester, cotton, and satin. In spite of the fact that games were often played in hot auditoriums, players still have to endure the satin shorts and heavy polyester jerseys. At that time the main concern for most teams to manufacture uniforms was the durability before the breathable materials being developed.
Unlike in today's game, players have several sets of jersey, they just have a couple of NBA jerseys to wear through the entire season or even longer. NBA shorts and belts before were modeled after the style of baseball and football pants. Until 1960s, teams began to add players' names to jerseys and use a common vendor to produce uniforms, guaranteeing a more consistent look.

History of Men's Undergarments

Men's underwear has evolved over the years. In most people's lifetime they have seen how underwear has gone from a quite ordinary piece of clothing to something that varies in length, color and design.
So what is the history of underwear, you may ask. Is there a history to underwear? Certainly, just as there is a history to about anything, even men's underwear has started somewhere in time. Of course the only way to trace the history of anything is through paintings, writings and art.

So, the earliest traces of underwear starts with the Egyptians and their hieroglyphics. These underwear designs date back the 2nd millennium and show Egyptians wearing loincloths. Underwear was so important to the Egyptians that Pharaohs were often buried when these garments.

History of the Irish Aran Sweater

The ancient Aran sweater is immediately identifiable with Ireland's fishing industry. These off-white wool sweaters have been worn for centuries to stave off the bitter winds and cold water's of Ireland. The sweaters have a unique cultural identity, as well. Each pattern of stitching is created by hand and represents a different Irish clan. If you know how to read the stitches, you can determine the home town and close family of a man just by looking at how his sweater is constructed. Hand-kni http://www.shamrockgift.comtraditional-irish-clothing-aransAran sweaters have become a rare and expensive item as machinery has taken over much of the sweater production in Ireland.The Traditional Construction Each pattern that is stitched into the Aran sweater carries a specific meaning. Many of the stitches reflect common themes that can be found in many forms of Celtic art.

History of short sleeved polo shirt

The short sleeved polo shirt is a popular choice for those aiming for the smart-casual look, but despite its fashionable status it's far from a recent invention. Its creation transformed several of Europe's most popular sports, and its creator went on to establish one of the world most famous clothing brands.
 Rene Lacoste developed the short sleeved polo shirt in 1926 as an alternative to the traditional tennis uniform of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally, tennis players wore 'whites' consisting of long-sleeved button up shirts, flannel trousers and ties. Although they could roll their sleeves up, this was still uncomfortable attire for the court.

History of V-Neck Sweater

In 1937, was the first that cashmere was introduced to others instead of only royalty. Lana Turner worse cashmere in the film "They Won't Forget" and from there the trend started. Now you can purchase cashmere coats, a cashmere v-neck sweater, even socks. What once was only worn by royalty is now worn by anyone who can afford one.
If you have one or tried one on before, you know how soft and warm they are. It has a silky feel and is light-weight like a bird feather. This type of garments is highly desirable. Cashmere is one of the top wool fibre around. How nice would it be to wear your favorite cashmere v-neck sweater out to dinner and a night out on the town, expect compliments!