History of V-Neck Sweater

In 1937, was the first that cashmere was introduced to others instead of only royalty. Lana Turner worse cashmere in the film "They Won't Forget" and from there the trend started. Now you can purchase cashmere coats, a cashmere v-neck sweater, even socks. What once was only worn by royalty is now worn by anyone who can afford one.
If you have one or tried one on before, you know how soft and warm they are. It has a silky feel and is light-weight like a bird feather. This type of garments is highly desirable. Cashmere is one of the top wool fibre around. How nice would it be to wear your favorite cashmere v-neck sweater out to dinner and a night out on the town, expect compliments!
A question that is typically asked about cashmere is where do these lavish garments come from? This beautiful wool comes from Kashmir goats. These goats are bred in Mongolia, Iran, Tibet, China and India. In the winter season the goat will grow a fine undercoat. This coat protects them in the cold, low temperatures. In the spring the goats loose this coat. These layers are what are saved, made into yarn to make the beautiful garments such as the cashmere v-neck sweater.
There is a limit as to how many goats are bred for the fur. For this reason, cashmere garments are typically expensive. If you want 100% pure cashmere, you are looking to pay more.
The reason for breeding these goats is for their soft hair. The hair color is typically white, gray, and brown but can be dyed to any color. Depending on what part of the goat is used to make cashmere clothing, will determine how much you spend. For instance the highest quality comes from the belly of the goat; lower quality comes from the legs and back.
If you are fortunate to own cashmere or if you are considering purchasing one do know how to care for it. This includes cardigans, travel blankets, scarves, or socks even; these items need to be dry cleaned or hand washed, depending is they are woven or knitted material.
When you finally decide to buy something such as the http://garmentsblog.blogspot.com cashmere v-neck sweater get some guarantee that it is real. Since you are spending a large amount of money you want what you paid for. There are things to look at such as the tag on the item; it should say 100% cashmere. If you are making an online purchase, be sure the website has a cashmere test report. These can give you some assurance about what you are purchasing.


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